How to earn by Watching Short videos

☆ W&E video-- A video Community pays cash

Introduction Watch and earn is the app that really pay you. This app includes all those features that you need. This app is Published on PlayStore. You can enjoy video and earn A lot of free money from this app. This app works all over the world. So everyone can easily use this app. Personally i like this app for his best and smooth functions.

Ways to Earn

There are several ways to earn coins, and 600 coins are equivalent to $0.01.
Watch Videos: For every video you watch you earn 52+ Coins. The videos are short, usually less than 30 seconds long.
Daily Bonus: Clicking on the open treasure box you will earns 200+ coins.
Invite & Earn: This is the referral program. You’ll receive a referral code, and each time someone uses your code, you both will receive 1000 coins.
Try & Earn: This allows you to earn coins for completing surveys. I tried three different surveys, and none of them were available.
Your coins show up on your dashboard as soon as you complete a task.

Redeeming Coins

There are four ways to redeem coins.
  • Minimum $5 - UnlimiHome

1. In this app you can easily shoot video with your amobile and share with Your friends.

2. In this app you can see moments of different peoples of different countries.

3. By watching the video given in the app you can earn points that can easily exchangable into PayPal. You can get your money out of here by PayPal.

4. Rather than watching videos you can also get daily check-in bonus.

How To Work

How To Download

For More information Contact 

Mail :
WhatsApp : +92 3169073625

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