Keenu Wallet App download | How to earn

  KEENU WALLET is a very good application that you can easily download from the Play Store. This application is standby for online payments, which you can make your shopping at any store online.

Transfer Money
  Apart from this, you are even more likely to have more options in minutes than before, because of which you can easily control this app, it is the best abilities for anyone else to make it a lot of people.

  The App has been downloaded and many people are earning it from the referers. You can earn money by joining peoples. You will find a link below. Download operation to be a lot of things you can recharge a mobile which can easily be transferred to any SIM balance. This app can be used for a lot of Works.

 You can easily Send payment to anyone in Pakistan with this app from your home with easy steps. Also you can Make recharge on your mobile at home.

Pay Bills
 Apart from this you can pay Bills from this app easily without going to a Shop at home. This app give Rs:20 for each friend you Refer and also to the referred person.

  Method of registration is also simple. You have to Enter you mobile number, Passcode, Refer Code (03169073625) & it will be done.

To Download Click the Button Below

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