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Whenever we plan to go somewhere the question that arises in our mind is how will we get to the place. As in Pakistan the roads are always a chaos due to increasing traffic and we try to avoid such situations.
In order to overcome this problem two motorcycle services are being operated in Pakistan namely Cargar and Bykea. 
As the name indicates, Bykea is a ride hailing service that entirely focuses on motorcycles. At present the startup offers users in Karachi and the twin cities of Islamabad-Rawalpindi a convenient pick and drop service similar to on demand ride hailing services like Uber and Careem.

Bykea, Pakistan’s first app based technology also helps move parcels efficiently saving time and money. This technology allows users to get anywhere easier and faster. The parcel delivery technology helps pick and drop packages right away. The app helps people and parcels get to a destination in the most cost efficient way.
Being one of the cheapest ways to travel, Bykea’s base fare is only Rs.30 with the additional charges of Rs.4 per kilometer. The time charges are also quite reasonable which are only Rs.1 per minute. The complete charges of a ride are calculated by adding the distance traveled in kilometers.
Other than catering users who prefer to travel on motorcycle, Bykea takes advantage of low fuel consumption and upkeep costs, delivering much reasonable rates than customary taxis or rickshaws.
Working Procedure:
  • Booking a ride on Bykea is similar to booking one on Uber or Careem. Either use their app to book a ride or drop a call on their specific number which is 03111111700.
  • After downloading the app from Google Play Storetwo options are given whether to use Bykea for parcel delivery or for a ride.
  • After choosing the option, “Chalo” (Let’s go) button it connects you to a nearby rider, who picks you up from your desired location.
  • The partners available can be seen on the map near the place. Then users will get instant confirmation with Bykea partner details.
  • After the trip ends you can pay by cash. It doesn’t give an estimate before booking a ride.
Those looking for a reasonable and faster way to reach their destination, Bykea is worth trying. Anyone can join Bykea as a partner given the fact that they meet the specific criteria offered by them. They have training sessions daily in the morning from 8 am to 11 am and offer Rs.1500 per day to their partners.
Earn Money
You this you can also earn money from this app by two ways;
1. By registering your bike with them
2. By referring your friends you can get 50 PKR by each friend.

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