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Hello guys!
Today in this article we are discussing about a Pakistani PTC website. As everyone know that our topic is always about online earning so today will be also the same matter. So without wasting anymore time let's get start it.

As by title you have been know that we are discussing about etrusut site. Etrust site is a good and without investment site. As you know that many of the real website offer you to invest and earn but this site is giving you unbelievable earning without any investment.

How to Earn
The earning method is very simple. Its just like another PTC sites. The detail method is explained in the above video. You have to register yourself in the site and then click on earn money. On earn money button a lot of ads are present by clicking on which you can make money. You have to click on the ad and wait until the loading in the above section has stopped. After watching an Ad you will be rewarded by the special and specified money. More from this many methods are present by using which you can create a lot of money.

How to Join
To join this site you have to click on the button that is given below. After clicking the button you will see a page where you have to click on Sign Up button. You have to filled up the required details as required in the boxes and it will be done.

Refer System
This website is also providing you referral system which is much good for youtubers and Facebook page or Group Admin. By sharing your link (referral link) you will get 20% of earning that your friend make.

Payment Methods
This website is providing you three payment methods;
1. Mobicash  (PK only)
2. Bank Account (worldwide)
3. Perfect Money (worldwide)

Minimum redeem
You can withdraw you money when it reached bto its minimum amount which is $1. You can withdraw minimum $1 in your any method of payment.

Points to Cash
This website is also providing you the points system. After earning points you have to simply cloick on 'exchange points'. Your points will directly exchanged to your balance.

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