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As every network want to give more easiest way to their users for good experience. In the same way ZONG has recently launched its app for good user experience. This app contain all those features that every network user needs. This app has more those features that you haven't used before. 

Supported Devices
This app is supported by both Android & iOS devices, so anyone can take benefit of this app and can make his experience better.

This app is giving you more features some of which are given below;
- Package Activation
- All new and Old packages info
- Activated packages show
- All Packages at one place
- Balance View 
- Validity of Activated packages etc

How to Join
To join this app you have to click the download button below, after downloading the apk you have to enter the Number (zong network) and to put the received OTP in the given OTP box and that is it.

My Opinions
I think this app is a good choice for zong users because everyone can use it easily due to its simple interface. This app can provide you a platform that other networks cannot.

Free Internet
This app is also giving you free internet of 4GB on every mobile for first time download. So without wasting anymore time download now and enjoy free internet. The free internet is used for Surfing all platforms.

FreeCall Android - APK Download - Latest Version - BAK Tech FreeCall Android - APK Download - Latest Version - BAK Tech Reviewed by BAK Tech on March 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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